Dentistry Live : 16 June

Free for Dentistry CPD members, Dentistry Live aims to broadcast live surgeries from leading clinicians giving you a chance to learn from the masters whilst they’re in practice. Our first is implant surgery with Colin Campbell on 16 June.

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Dentistry Live with Colin Campbell 16 June. 

Anterior aesthetic dental implant placement (type 2) with GBR procedure

In this live surgical broadcast, Colin Campbell will explain the rationale behind the treatment of anterior aesthetic cases in type 2 situations and the potential longevity that can be achieved in aesthetics and function from these restorations.

During the procedure, Colin will place a dental implant live in an upper central incisor area on a patient who has previously suffered trauma.

This case will be accompanied by a GBR procedure using the standard GBR protocol recommend in the research-led approach by The Campbell Clinic and Academy.

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Dentistry Live with Colin Campbell 16 June.

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